The Bawdy Lass;

She’s an older ship, been through it a few times before but she’s still holding together. Sure everything’s about shot, happens when regular maintenance isn’t really an option.

A while back the power converters on the main drive blew and the crew routed the main feed through the shield feed to step things down, not a bad move since it’s the second highest rated set of converters…on her, but since the main converters are over two grand she’s been stuck that way for a while.

Feedback in inertia dampers makes a loud buzz that never seems to go away; swapping the dampers out would probably fix the problem, but there again you’re looking at 250 credits each and she has fifteen of the little bugars.

The protien paste dispenser makes a sound disturbingly close to gamorean flatulance when it dispenses it’s product and the smell isn’t that much better either. Replacing the dispenser with a newer model might be 500 to 800 credits, but whenever a crew gets to port they spend on getting real food and forget about the dispenser until they are broke or jetting out with thugs on their tail.

Some of the dispensers in head give a bit of a shock when one goes to relieve the distress caused by the protien dispenser and a couple of the sonic showers make the user feel like they’re being shaken by a wookie, and sound akin to flying through a meteor shower. Fixing up all that might only be a thousand or two, but mostly the crew just tries to remember which ones not to use.

The narrower passages seem to draw condensation and often creak and groan like an old waterbound ship. The engineering bay is hot and humid enough the crew uses it as cross between a sauna and a torture device. And finally after the last jump the Reality Stabalizer jumped right out its mounts and apparently stayed in hyperspace, poof, gone just like that. The Reality Stabalizer would be about five grand at any major starport, but even if we had the money it cut out over Socorro which is a sorry excuse for a starport and no place to find good parts.

Things could be worse though; we have plenty of room to stretch out in the oversized rooms, the Sabaac table still works, and she’s got some pretty nose art.

~Balfor Pins
-Engineer of The Bawdy Lass
-Currently missing on Socorro

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