Risreng Oldtkin

invisible stealth super tech


Character points: 14
Enhanced sight(see other Kalmoorins)
Force Points: 0
Move: 6
Nicknames: Invisible Boy, Disco Ball,PFC Riesling Disco

Dex: 2d
Dodge: 2d+1
Kno: 2d
-Languages: 2d+2
Mech: 3d
Perc: 2d+2
-Artist: 3d+1
-Hide/Sneak: 5d+1
Search(visual): 6d+2
Str: 2d+2
Tech: 6d+1
-Machine Repair: 6d+2
-Demo: 7d+1
-Security Systems: 8d+1

Carried:Bedazzled robe, personal com link,data pad,chronometer,combat knife.
Storage(Ship):security tool kit,demolitions tool kit,droid customization kit,droid repair kit
In room: Pet chameleon(Leon),Bedazzled robe(every color possible)
Notes:Premium loronar starship stock(48,000 credits annual/4,000 monthly)


Risreng sneaked onto a smugglers ship where he hid himself inside of the cargo bay till they took off and into space where he stowed his gear in a dark corner that was rarely visited by the crew. Upon arriving at the planet Morales he left the ship unseen by the crew though the crew thought that their ship had become haunted because of the pranks that he had pulled throughout the journey.

Risreng Oldtkin

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