Joseph Priest

Skulls Swoop Gang Member from Shesharile 5


Joseph “Joe” Priest (formerly Joey “Rozz” Rozzellini) likes to party hard, listen to loud music, and drive fast! He drinks high alcohol rot gut whiskey, which can double as a Molotov cocktail in a pinch. He is well known to indulge in narcotic spice, wild women, and illegal swoop races. He loves to gamble, although he lacks the skills of a professional to win consistantly. He’s always ready to cut a better deal and knows how to haggle. He is an avid collector of firearms and has a keen interest in exotic knives.

He has little use for droids. After all they are just machines trying to emulate humans and take human jobs away. A big issue on Shesharile. He is fairly tolerant of alien races, but not so much as to have weird fetishes about beings who aren’t basically human in form and function. He tends to tease friends and allies and engage in rowdy horseplay. He does this with strangers as well, but it is rarely recieved well. Mouthy and impulsive, quick-tempered, and somewhat ruthless, Joe still retains the swoop gang family mentality. Once your in hs circle of trusted friends, he will go down guns blazing for you.

Human Male 26

Homeworld: Shesharile 5

Force Points: 1

Character Points: 0

Lifetime CP: 18

DEX 3d+1
Firearms 4d+2

KNOW 2d+2
Languages 2d+2
Galactic Basic
Streetwise 4d+2

Gunnery 3d+1
Repulsorlift Op 4d+1
Sensors 3d+1

PER 3d
Bargain 5d
Search 3d+1

STR 3d

Repulsorlift Rpr 4d


Joe grew up on the mean streets of Shesharile 5. He joined the Skulls swoop gang at an early age, committing petty theft and minor violent crimes. Soon he was riding his own Nebulon-Q swoop with the gang and firebombing stores and tenaments that didn’t pay the gang protection money. Then he moved up to hijacking trucks of supplies and goods. That’s when the real trouble started for Joey.

The LALA’s (Locally Authorized Law Authority) usually just took a cut or could be bullied, but the Stonemen (Imperial Stormtroopers) were a different matter. While hijacking a speeder truck full of medical supplies, Joey and a group of his gangmembers were confronted by a squad of Stonemen called in by a scout trooper on a bike. Several of Joey’s friends were gunned down as they tried to pull out and retreat. Joey got a lucky shot in with his magnum and one of the Stonemen went down, despite his armor. After that he was a wanted man, and not just by the petty LALA’s.

Joey made a run out of Gallisport on the Bawdy Lass. He figured the Rebels wouldn’t be submitting to Imperial searches, so he signed on as a biker scout.

Joseph Priest