Dark New Times

Farewell to freedom

The Adventure starts with the crew on Socorro at The Black Dust Tavern having just seen the news that the rebel fleet was destroyed around a moon of Endore.

Balfor Pins, the ship engineer is absent from the meeting and should have checked in with the rest.

Balfor had been out scouting around in hopes of finding the Reality Stabalizer for the hyperdrive on The Bawdy Lass. Most of the smugglers run ships under 2,000 tons displacement and The Bawdy Lass has a displacement of 15,000 tons making the more common parts useless to her.


Joe and Tom stayed at the bar while Hunter, Tanno, and Kaleld-Qua remained out scouting.

Tanno asked around about the location of Balfor and heard he might have wandered out of town with some nomads.

Kaleld-Qua went to a junkyard and found they didn’t have a Reality Stabilizer, but picked up that the man who owned the starport and most of the town had arranged for there not to be one.

Hunter found some nomads that said they had a Reality Stabilizer at their camp, but she had no way to contact the other crewmembers.

Kaleld-Qua went to the Black Sands tavern to meet up just as a fight was about to break out with Joe and Tom versus the rest of the bar. Kaleld-Qua did a quick retreat and met up with Tanno outside and waited.

Dark New Times

A pop-out gun calmed the situation in the bar and Kaleld-Qua, Tanno, and Tom went back to The Bawdy Lass while Joe went for a ride.

Joe ran into a pool of poisonous gas and then stopped to survey the area and spotted Hunter who was now surrounded by 20 nomads. Deciding things weren’t likely to stay friendly so he fired a shot into a canteen and rode in to pull hunter out as the nomads took cover.

Once the crew was all together at The Bawdy Lass they decided to look for the spaceport owner, but he came looking for them before they left, demanding they give up their ship and leave town on foot. Kaleld began talking trying to calm the situation and Tanno interjected just before Joe stepped out with a 44 and shot the starport owner in the head.

Tom taking that as a call to action jumped onto the nearest gunman and stabbed him in the chest as he went down. Kaleld dropped to the ground covering his head and Tanno backpedaled as TC-06 stepped out with a pair of Bipolar Carbines and opened fire. Hunter bent down pulling Kaleld’s DL-18 as he scrambled for the cockpit and then she joined in as Tom and TC-06 continued attacking. Tanno decided to disarm one of the gunmen and then Joe pushed his gun into the last armed gunman’s face and ordered him to call the starport and have the Reality Stabilizer sent over.

Tom took the gunmen’s guns and went through the pockets of all the dead men. Finally they loaded up the limo that the starport owner had come in. Kaleld kept the ship warmed up and ready for launch while the others waited at the ramp for the part. Once the part was on board they took off and installed it while in orbit.

Not sure where to go next they decided to make the jump to Nar-Shadda figuring the crime ridden planet wouldn’t ask questions about the bloody loading ramp and stolen good for sale.

Dark New Times

At Nar Shadda Tom and Joe went out to find buyers for the stolen goods and ended dealing with Void Demons, a new chapter of the multi-system swoop gang.

Kaleld-Qua, Hunter, and Tanno went out to browse the local weapon shops.

Tom and Joe managed to sell the spice, limo, and some DL-18s to the Void Demons and then the team split the money up and bought some parts to repair the damaged systems.

Joe and Tom each spent 1 character point in negotiations

Session Awards 5 character points.

Dark New Times

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