No soft landing
Trouble in realspace

The Bawdy Lass hits hard against an unforgiving metal surface throwing the crew about the ship violently.

Those who survive the impact will have to work fast as the power fails and atmosphere begins leaking into space. The ship rolls to a stop bridge down on the surface making navigation even more troublesome as things are upside down and skewed about 15 degrees.

Strangely enough a signal can be picked up on the comlinks:

Voice 1: “I’m a little loose, they’re right behind me!”

Voice 2: “Almost there.”

Voice 1: “I can’t hold em!”

Voice 2: “Almost there . . . . It’s Away!”

Violent shaking of surface

Voice 3: “It’s a hit”

Voice 2: “That’s a negative, just hit the surface. It didn’t go in.”

Etc . . .

Not so stable reality

The team ended up in an asteroid field in otherspace where a still active turbolaser tower fired upon them from a large asteroid. They managed to evade the blasts and destroy the gun emplacement which seemed to be the only one on the surface. After some scouting they found a hangar door and landed the ship inside.

In a struggle for life support they ended up having two members go down with radiation sickness due to a dirty reactor, and were attacked by combat modified ASP-7 droids. After the air was activated they found a medical ward and moved the sick personnel, but Joe was attacked again when he went looking for a motivator to repair the medical droid.

After some searching and getting everyone patched up they discovered the command level was at the bottom of the turbolift shaft and started down. The lift stopped a floor short and was smashed with Joe losing half a leg to the crashing debris.

After battling more ASP-7s they managed to take out the mastermind who was a rogue R-5 unit. They then set to looting and managed to cobble extra holds onto the Bawdy Lass along with 4 Y-Wings strapped to the outside and the hyperdrive from a gallofree medium transport stuck inside.

A jump began dumping deadly radiation on the crew and an emergency stop landed them in another alternate dimension with strange nausea causing beast appearing on the ship. Another emergency jump put them back in realspace, but impacting a massive metal structure hard . . .

8 character points awarded.

Cleaning Up
Bodies on the pad

The team has a collection of 13 bodies on the landing area when another Meris approaches the ship that looked spaceworthy as the crew was loading dead bodies up the ramp.

Stranded Again
Session 3

Borallis is a primitive world and the only places with ship facilities are The Imperial controlled space station and the garrison. The locals have a fleet of 12 Z-95 Headhunters at the space station as well as 12 AT-PT, 24 T-47s, and 120 landspeeders in the surface militia at Tantaro (pop 102000). Most of the local populace uses sail or animal power to get around.

The team landed 180 km from one of the major town of Ishara (pop 42000) and sent Joe in to make contact with Rozzo at the Rancid Vulture Tavern.

The local populace includes humans, Thrall (warrior species), Ishari (avian species), Green Men (plant species), and Chromid (diminutive winged species).

Fauna includes Batranc (10+ meter flying predators), Mangonels (war lizards), Woolly strider (riding beast), Carnivorous snails, gondola birds, mace flies, and snipes.

Flora includes spiked bulba trees, wine buds, and domicile plants.

Arriving in system the “new” reality stabilizer blew out making it unlikely the team can leave without parts . . .

Finding Their Own Path
Session 2

The crew is at Nar Shadda with the parts to make some repairs and a couple more days prepaid on the landing pad.

Dark New Times
Farewell to freedom

The Adventure starts with the crew on Socorro at The Black Dust Tavern having just seen the news that the rebel fleet was destroyed around a moon of Endore.

Balfor Pins, the ship engineer is absent from the meeting and should have checked in with the rest.

Balfor had been out scouting around in hopes of finding the Reality Stabalizer for the hyperdrive on The Bawdy Lass. Most of the smugglers run ships under 2,000 tons displacement and The Bawdy Lass has a displacement of 15,000 tons making the more common parts useless to her.


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