Star Wars: Plagenera

Man Down
Seeds of Rebellion

Imperial personnel have been being attacked, and the increasing frequency suggests that it isn’t a random increase in violence. The UN wants the team to find out who’s behind the attacks and put an end to it before the Empire decides to escalate their response.

So far there have been three shootings, two of which were fatal, done by snipers. A speeder bike was destroyed on a routine patrol through town and a missile was fired at a Tie Fighter, but failed to damage it.

The police have been informed of the IST getting involved and instructed to cooperate.

Strahd's Invitation
To Castle Ravenloft

Trouble in Telar
Anyone else want to negotiate?


Aggressive Diplomacy

Franco Nellie has contacted the IST unit with another mission. A warlord in Telar has been aggressively expanding his power base, forming subjugated alliances with his neighbors. The UN isn’t ready to declare unilateral aggression, but wants the team to go in and quell the escalation of power. They are to demand the Marquis cease his expansion efforts and comply with UN sanctions. If he refuses they are authorized to ensure compliance by whatever means necessary.

Shadows of Murder
Rise of the Scarecrow

The agency gets a call, it’s EBV (Earth Business Ventures) and they’ve had an executive murdered. Metro is on the scene, but EBV thinks it might be a first strike in a potential corporate war. Things have been heating up with their two largest rivals KLS and Loronar.

All three companies have recently made breakthroughs in VR-Braindance simulators and the market is very lucrative; rumors have it corporate espionage has been especially heavy among the three regarding getting the systems to market. The Empire has threatened to outlaw the systems due to the addictive nature, but haven’t done so yet and the rivalry to sell the most systems while the boom lasts is fierce.

EBV fears more executives may be in danger and that other acts of violence may be on the way.

The Killer has been called The Scarecrow because of the simple burlap style mask he was wearing at the time of the murder.

One Million Credits!
More Marovian Misfortune


The Ransom

Mufasto contacted the Marovian embassy in Maltese at dawn, claiming he had captured a Marovian Countess and council member. He is demanding one million credits and the spell cube in 48 hours or he will kill the Countess. Attempts to contact the Countess at her estate have failed. The Marovian embassy contacted Jack Masters shortly after noon. Jack called Norma Bates and told her to put a team together. Norma put out the word to meet at the Bar Oasis on the lower east side.

Rough Riders
Into the Badlands

Characters have had a week to recover and gather information before getting the lead that Hama’s explosives and weapons were delivered to an abandoned fort in the Pomarj Badlands.

500 kilometers out from Maltese the old fort is in ruins, but it is expected they have an underground complex.

Cump purchased an Income Flash-6 to make the trip. On the way they were jumped by 2 Tie fighters. They evaded fire although some birds splattered on the windshield obscuring their view. Ended up at the ruins and after a few parting shots the Ties broke off.

Geoff found tracks indicating sleds had been moved around and old fort bunker door. Down the hall they entered a large room and were jumped by dimension door hopping Devil Rats. Geoff found 40 credits scattered in the room.

Found a room with a box of 4 E-11s, 16 dead bodies, and a ratling. Cump took pictures of the bodies for identification.

Cump took a picture of some geometric patterns on a wall after setting off a trap. Then fought some more rats, beat themselves to a bloody pulp, and then took a picture of some alien looking runes.

Cump stunned a devil with a sniper rifle and Geoff turned a wookie into a gecko.

They took their two prisoners back to Maltese.

Loot: Geoff got an E-11 and a Remington M-308 with 20 rounds and 40 credits

Character Points: 5

Cump negotiated with his ISB handlers to be able to keep loot found on missions for personal use.

Under the City
On the hunt

Contacting their various contacts the players are able to learn Rald Drallin has a turbocharged Cadillac Flyer that he likes to run around in and he likes to eat at Greenleaf Restaurant.

They found out from waitstaff he was meeting a woman and then got a nearby table. Theresa arrived first and Rald was going to leave early but Cump intercepted him and he said he was headed to the Prancing Unicorn club. Cump tempted him to his limo and then stunned and bound him.

Bates enticed Theresa to follow her with a promise of clubbing. She tried to escape in Rald’s car but crashed in the undercity and the car sank. Cump managed to grab a suitcase. Cump called in to ISB while Bates called into CIA.

The Ruins of Brakken
The Hunt for Hama

Hama is a professional killer responsible for political assassinations in the past, but has managed to avoid positive identification. There was an informant hinting he had a big operation coming up, but he was killed before giving up all the information.

Contacting the spirit they learned Hama was last operating out of the ruins of Brakken.

Metro would like information about what his big operation is and possibly enough information to make an arrest.

The Party found the underground base, but found it well defended and was wounded although they did capture a Trandoshan Mercenary and handed him over to Metro.

Character Points: 5

A Mixed Breed
Good Help Is Hard To Find



An armored convoy carrying the annual tribute from Marovia was hijacked on its way to Maltese. The Marovian embassy hired the Masters & Bates Detective Agency to locate it and get it back. They, in turn, hired some extra muscle, expecting the bandits might not be willing to just hand over the money.

Norma Bates, head of security at MBD, was personally heading the case. Senior Detective Sterling Magnusson was requested to assist her. The rest of the crew was outside contractors.


Norma Bates: Elven Mage Security Specialist

Sterling Magnusson: Human Mage Detective

Geoff Hellsinger: Nightcrawler Bounty Hunter

Aley Organa: Alderaanian Jedi

Myanmei: Pandarian Martial Artist


Welcome to the Office


Plagenera is the current rendition of Maltese. It uses Star Wars elements more heavily to make it easier for players to adapt. The setting includes many familiar aspects from Star Wars, Dungeons and Dragons, Cyberpunk, and Modern Earth. Nearly anything can appear in the setting with some having a little twist and others being relatively unchanged.

The action while not particularly restricted will focus on one town, Maltese, on one planet, Plagenera. Characters will likely get jobs to find and recover things or stop someone else from doing a particular thing. In many ways it will run like Shadowrun or Cyberpunk, but the characters will work a little more within the law and the law will be a little looser.

Recovering and artifact from an ancient dungeon in Necropolis might play out like a classic dungeon crawl blasting hordes of undead. Recovering the artifact from an embassy might run more like a crime caper where it is very important not to be spotted and conflict must be avoided.

The universally skilled assumption is used, so characters can act as if they have any skill at the level of the attribute, with the exception of magic. Bonuses will even the playing field early on, but eventually real skill will more than make up for any bonus. Advancement will be slow, but steady so characters should see marked improvement while new characters won’t seem useless.

Every potential foe is also a potential ally, so how characters interact with The Empire, The UN, The Metro, The Ambassadors of the twenty local nations as well as nations from earth and other planets, crime syndicates, gangs, reporters, and even local cops will all be factors in how the game progresses.

The Cross/On The Cross; Maltese is at least partially named for the fact that from above it is shaped like a Maltese Cross over a pretty circular body of water. The cross, or being on the cross are part of a local vernacular that indicates the city, the streets of the city, poor neighborhoods and mean streets, being on the run or in hiding, and being poor or homeless depending on the context.

Noir: The setting while composing of science fiction, space opera, and fantasy should have a general Noir feel. The characters aren’t trying to save the galaxy, just doing a job. It isn’t personal and you shouldn’t get involved unless it’s your job; a Live and Let Die attitude combined with retro styles and a society where drinking and smoking are encouraged.

Road Warriors: Maltese is set near two primitive nations that have adapted Mad Max style gear and attitudes and make a living jumping travelers on the highways. While there are some patrols, in general interstate travel is done by armed and armored vehicles which while frowned on in the more proper parts of the city can frequently be seen in the outskirts.

The Nations: Each nation is independent, but has to pay a tribute to the Empire as well as the UN for their continued protection and mediation. The tribute isn’t actually voluntary and many resent it, but faced with the overwhelming firepower have little option but to tow the line and try to manipulate some influence or short the payment however they can.

Diversity: Obviously Earth and The Empire are both humanocentric. Humans were also dominant in several of the native nations, but there are many other species present and the UN often obsesses over equal treatment for the non-humans and creates strife increasing policies much like those that caused racial tensions on Earth. Depending on the make up of the character groups this could be a minor background detail or a significant factor in some sessions.

Religion: Many gods are still worshiped on Plagenera and representatives such as angels, devils, and demons are frequent visitors, but no avatar of a deity is known to walk the planet and divine miracles are only seen on occasion.

Magic: The Empire classifies all supernatural abilities as The Force, Earth scientists refer to all supernatural abilities as Psychic Phenomena, and the locals of Plagenera refer to all supernatural abilities as Magic. Regardless of the name the mystical forces are very real and a part of everyday life for many. Some corporations who don’t favor magic use pay to have magical dampers placed on their buildings significantly reducing potential magic use while others just hire a large staff of wizards and psychics to battle any unwanted intrusion.

Cybernetics: Never popular in the Empire there hasn’t been a huge cybernetics movement in Maltese, but many outlanders, wastelanders, and highwaymen seem to end up with them and they are quite popular in Tazos and to a lesser degree in Oz and Gao. Most people in Maltese that require cybernetics get synth-skin coverings to conceal them. As a side note; magic seems to be fully effective on cyborgs and they seem to see no loss of psychic ability.

Vehicles: Most vehicles are run on liquid hydrogen, although some are electric. The exhaust from running liquid hydrogen is water vapor giving places with lots of traffic a steamy humid feel and a bit of a blur to the air. Wheeled vehicles are still very common due to the lower cost to produce, but antigravity or repulsor vehicles are available for those willing to pay for the luxury.

Droids: Autonomous robots with moderate AI are very common and fill in many menial jobs. Generally restricted to those of means they often serve in many servant roles for those transitioning between middle lifestyle and the upper ends of wealth where live servants become a status symbol. Droids also serve many menial civil tasks like cleaning parks and driving buses.

Weapons: Blasters tend to be more powerful and hold more ammo than conventional firearms, but conventional firearms remain popular. Standard melee weapons are also in use, but powered melee weapons and even lightsabers are available. Lightsabers are simple considered melee weapons on Plagenera and not closely associated with Jedi or any other group.


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