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Plagenera Nations



The general state of the world and galaxy as it is known to the characters at the beginning of the campaign.


What is known and generally accepted about how the world and galaxy got to this point. Broad overview of the galaxy with some notable specifics about the local area.


Common or exotic plants the characters might encounter along the way. Some have medicinal uses and others are dangerous.


The wildlife that might be found along the way from beasts of burden to ferocious predators or exotic song birds.


Diseases and bacterial infections characters will want to cautiously avoid. Some are natural and some were made by designers for a specific purpose.


The various species that one can expect to encounter be it for better or worse. few species easily defined as purely good or evil so generalizations can’t always be trusted.


Popular means of fighting off boredom or distracting the mind from a regular life. Some are universally accepted while others are considered immoral, dangerous, or illegal.


More than wealth determines how someone lives and belonging to certain lifestyles always carries a certain trade off of benefits and costs. Cultural barriers may be impossible to breech between certain lifestyles.


Even in times of chaos someone is in charge and it is valuable to know who is in power and why before doing anything that might upset the balance of power in an area.


The government decides what is illegal and the criminal organizations form to take advantage of those laws. Punishments can vary widely between systems and even blocks within a city, so knowing them will help characters survive.


Not all technology is evenly distributed through the galaxy, a city, or even a household. Knowing something exists does not necessarily give you access to it, but it can create the driving desire.


A unique aspect of technology in that the role filled by droids is that of servants. The introduction of droids creates a radical shift in lifestyle, culture, crime, and wealth which can be good or bad depending on which end a person is on.


Transport is another part of society with the ability to radically alter how things are done. Draft animals can be replaced by machines, the ability to fly or go into deep space is introduced and cultures mingle much faster although in potentially more hostile ways.